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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final Judgment Part Four

We are, as Catholic, to think about the Four Last Things. These are, as some of you know, Death, the Last Judgment, Hell and Heaven.

These things are rarely spoken of from the pulpits of either America or Europe, to the detriment of immortal souls.

One should think of death, and the way of perfection forces us to die to self before death, making that final day of giving all to God easier. In fact, daily dying to self is the only way to be purified.  And, the only thing which helps one die to self is love, the love of God which destroys self-love.

One can then face both the particular judgement and the last judgement. The vast majority of people in this world do not believe we all shall be judged. The vast majority of people have squashed the natural law in their hearts, ignoring grace and the small Voice of God, preferring the noise of the world.

Contemplating hell must be part of our prayer lives. By looking at the Cross, by meditating on the sufferings of Christ, one can learn the great love of Christ for us, His sacrificial love which moves us to desire Him and heaven.

The Final Judgment can be part of our meditations in the upcoming month of November, the month dedicated to the poor souls in purgatory.

In the journey to heaven, the deciding factor at our particular and last judgment is love, love for God and love for neighbor.