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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Reading My Blog

Again, I am responding to a reader who has not read the over 700 postings on this blog on perfection. As seen in the comments, one said one is not a saint until death.

This is absolutely wrong.

A canonized saint is someone who the Church publicly recognizes as having been a saint during their life on earth.

Reasons for becoming perfect to the level to which one is called is to build up the Body of Christ, give glory to God and become the person God has called one to be.

This happens now, not after death. Those who die imperfect are not saints, but go to purgatory.

Purgation on earth has been seen in the lives of the saints, such as St. John Paul II, whose public suffering of infirmity in old age obviously was his purgation. For such a strong and virile man to experience long years of physical suffering was definitely his time of purification.

His closest companions saw this in him-the glory of God waxing as his strength waned.

This false idea that we cannot find perfection on earth has undermined the Church's role in the world.

This is one reason why we have a spiritual leadership crisis. Too many priests, bishops and cardinals have not pursued personal holiness.

They have not cooperated with grace. And, so the Church is weaker for this lack of holiness.

I suggest readers who are making comments on sainthood go back and read the six perfection series or just buy Garrigou-Lagrange's books on providence, predestination and the spiritual ages.

We have all the knowledge we need in order to become saints, and to be honest, the saints will be the remnant, as others will fall away. Being a faithful Catholic will get harder and harder.

Thus, the reason for my long series on perfection posts.....