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Monday, 20 October 2014

Meditating on The Synod

The Pope Emeritus tells us that the word used in Luke for Jesus, Joseph and Mary's travelling up to Jerusalem is synodia meaning a "pilgrim community", or a travelling caravan. The other word, which seems similar, is synodos, meaning an "assembly" or "meeting".

The synod in the past week represented more of a synodia than a synodos. But, are not both definitions true? The Church at large now sees the great divisions many of us have seen locally. Those with a "gay agenda" are trying to steer Holy Mother Church way from the truth concerning marriage and the family. 

But, a synodia has to go somewhere, a pilgrimage always has a goal. And, a true pilgrimage must be penitential.

Some leaders want synodia not synodos. Some want constant change and new horizons in doctrine or even pastoral care.

Of course, despite the cries of the travelling caravan, this will not happen-there will be no changes in doctrine, as the Holy Spirit rules the Church, not men. If men do not listen to the Spirit, and follow their own caravan, schism will happen.

What then becomes obvious is the remnant, the recusant Church, led by those who love Christ, His Church, tradition, doctrine.

Christ as a twelve-year-old, knowing fully Whose Son He was and is, left the pilgrim community to join those in the Temple, where the Father dwelt with the Spirit in Shekinah glory.

At some time, mature Catholics must choose to leave the pilgrim community and join those who are settled in truth, in faith.

The existentialist Catholic denies absolute truth.

Pilgrimages by definition are temporary, not permanent, and the relationships within the caravans are not permanent, but temporary. Jesus returned with His Mother and foster father, Joseph, to the place of His growth in wisdom and grace. The Incarnate One, Who knew He was God and Man, stayed as Truth to His call.

Christ firmly established His Church on earth so that each one of us have a place of safety, a place wherein God dwells.

Those who insist on synodia rather than synodos may find themselves constantly moving, thrust to and fro in the waves of worldly opinion.

Let us pray for even the most liberal and deluded of cardinals. As long as there is life, there is a chance for repentance and change, from movement to stability, from liberalism to conservatism, from false hopes to true hope in Christ's Church.