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Monday, 20 October 2014

If you want to be a saint, be obedient

24 Jul 2014
Our lot is a reality, the works of our calling are real, as long as they are done as a service to obedience. Within these bounds there is nothing which does not bear upon Eternity....Obedience to the will of God is work of direct ...
06 Aug 2013
Now, I am not going to refer to members of religious orders, who take vows of obedience, or secular priests, who are to obey their bishops as their direct pastors. I want to discuss our relationship to our bishops and other ...
03 Sep 2012
The first degree of humility is obedience without delay. This becometh those who, on account of the holy subjection which they have promised, or of the fear of hell, or the glory of life everlasting, hold nothing dearer than Christ.
31 Mar 2013
We do not owe obedience in actions of the Pope or cardinals or bishops or priests which are not in keeping with the teaching of the Church. For example, we do not have to agree with Assisi, 1986, nor go to like services.

26 Apr 2012
I am grateful for the book Spiritual Theology, by Fr. Jordan Aumann OP,, who quotes a letter from St. Ignatius of Loyola, on obedience. The letter was written on March 16, 1553 in Rome to the brothers and priests in the Jesuits ...
04 Apr 2013
A few more areas where the laity must be obedient are these: 1) when your confessor gives you absolution, you must obey; 2) if your local diocese or the council of bishops in your country declares a holy day of obligation or ...
24 Jan 2013
Four, obedience leads to a submission to God's Will-if one can give up one's will in small things, God will allow one to learn to give up in large areas for greater sanctification. Five, obedience can lead to a totally Christ-centred ...

02 Aug 2014
Over and over again, the Doctors of the Church insist that obedience is the main route to holiness. Bernard in Sermon 46:5 writes this: "Do not imagine that, out of the love of your own leisure, you have the right to omit an act of ...
03 Sep 2013
This post will help with obedience. This is a continuation of a question and comment begun in comments on the last post on home schooling advice. First of all, this author has done a great job synthesizing Montessori on the ...