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Monday, 20 October 2014

Yes, Boring to Some/Necessary for Others

Thanks to Wiki

One of my regular readers just said to me recently-"You are writing on false seers again?"

She is sick of reading all the posts with labels or tags "private revelation". I do not blame her. The problem, however, is epidemic.

But, the faithful are being led astray and some of those who are the best Catholics have fallen into nests of lies.

Besides the lure of Gnosticism, one of the sins which lead one into following false seers is that of "curiosity". This may be the primal sin of Eve, who had all the knowledge she needed not to even listen to the snake-satan.

The Holy Spirit has given us the Gospels for our knowledge of Christ. We do not need more. If we crave more, it may mean that God is calling you to a deeper prayer life wherein He will show Himself to you.

Follow the tags and labels on private revelations. heresies, heresy and so on. There are at least 150 posts against false and condemned private revelations.