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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Not Again! Danger for A Priest.

Please pray for an Ordinariate priest in England who is involved in a false seer's following. The CDF specifically warned us against the prayer meetings of True Life in God. And Ms Ryden has been disciplined by her own church.

Catholic bishops in the States are more obedient and refuse to have her speak in diocesan venues. Her words are merely private meditations and not from God, but her own interpretations. She is flat out wrong on ecumenism even the stand in her own church.

Pray for the priest who is passing out information at pro-life venues. Dangerous stuff.

Check out this unusually good article.

Snippet from that article:

In 1995, the Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) published a Notification (a message from the Holy See) on the writings of Rydén, saying her communications should not be considered supernatural, and calling all Catholic bishops to prevent Rydén's ideas from being spread in their dioceses.[4] In 2007, Cardinal William Levada confirmed that the 1995 Notification was still in effect; he recommended that Catholics should not join prayer groups organized by Rydén. In 2011, the Greek Orthodox Church officially disapproved of Rydén's teachings, instructing their faithful to disassociate from Rydén. In 2012, the Church of Cyprus said that Rydén's teachings were heretical.

Apologies to those who are sick of seeing these types of posts.