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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Perfection Series VI:II.5 Reparation

Continuing with the theme of how does one know for whom or what to make reparation, I have one clear answer. This is a follow-up of II.

Those for whom God has placed on own hearts and in our minds great love, who are in need of having someone do reparation for them, are those to whom God wants you to focus your prayers and energies.

Mortification, penance, prayers, either for one person, a few people, the clergy in general, the Church, become focused as God pours sacrificial love into hearts in order for this reparation to occur.

Reparation takes tremendous energy and will-power. Those for whom one prays may never know until heaven that one made reparation for them.

So be it.

Like Christ seeing all the elements, stages, tortures of His Passion and Death, and seeing the ingratitude and horror of sin from all mankind, one may see sin, corruption, ingratitude and remain silent.

One may not see such things if one is praying for a friend or family member, but if one is praying for the clergy, the bishops, the cardinals who are insulting Truth both in the Person of Christ and in His 
Church, one may see such painful realities.

But, the real pain is the sacrificial love which is not acknowledged and cannot be.

Suffering in silence, alone, like Christ in the Garden, may be part of one's call to the ministry of reparation.

At that point, one experiences tremendous peace and even joy in pain. The reason for this is that one is joining Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, as He has called one to join Him there.

Such is the calling of those who make reparation for others.

to be continued....