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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Perfection Series VI: VI Reparation

In the encyclical we have been following in this mini-series on reparation, the Pope calls on all to remember the devotion to the Sacred Heart, started through the revelations given to St. Margaret Mary.

The two things Christ called for as activities for reparation are Communion of Reparation and attending Holy Hour.

Sadly, Holy Hour devotions slipped into oblivion, although many parishes now have hours of Adoration. There are still too few parishes or chapels with Adoration.

The Communion of Reparation is something each person can adopt. Offering one's merits in Communion either for an individual person or the Church in general, especially in these perilous times, seems appropriate, and necessary.

I suggest praying as to whether you are called to make reparation for someone's sins other than your own.

An entire nation may need people to be involved in making reparation for such crimes as abortion and ssm.

Consider this encyclical. Consider the call to reparation.