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Thursday, 9 October 2014

There Will Be No Change

Do not think the Church will accept new ideas of modernism or gradualism, which is a heresy promoted by such as Charles Curran, who ideas were condemned.

Do not be confused....Trent deals with this.

There will be no change in the Church's teaching on marriage and Communion.

Do not be afraid...Suarez, who is one of my favorite, notes that gradualism is a threat to love of God and love of men. A real scholar gave me these ideas this evening.

There is NO compromise in the Church's teaching and in Christ's call to perfection.

Please note there is no gradual way to holiness...Please, Readers, do not think the way to perfection can be gradual, but a choice we make daily and which causes us to embrace the hard road to perfection

Gradualism is a heresy. John Allen is WRONG.

An example of gradualism for those who do not understand it would be Obama's handling of the terrorist situation.

God wants saints and He is giving us a chance to become saints, but we need to work on this.