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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Why This Theme on This Retreat

Pondering on why I think God showed me the numberless people in the world who are going to hell, I can up with several reasons.

One, for my own pride, so that I never become complacent and imagine me going to heaven is a slam-dunk.

Two, to mourn with Christ in the Agony in the Garden, when He saw all people of all time who turned and will turn against Him.

Three, to take seriously how I relate to others in prayer, fasting, love.

Four, to share with you readers on the blog that salvation belongs only to those who cooperate with grace and who do not take heaven for granted.

Those who never think of eternal life cannot expect God to remember them with a particular grace at the moment of death. We are all given many graces daily to repent and change. We need only see those graces and ask God to help us implement these in our daily lives.

Scary two days....and now, so many sins which have been accepted by society have become non-sins in the eyes of most people. When fornication is totally accepted by a society as normal, one can only see those many people who will go go hell unless we bring them to repentance.