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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Two Retreat Days

My two retreat days ended with an unexpected spiritual result. God showed me how many people are going to go to hell if they do not repent.

The reasons were shown to me as well and not merely big sins. One can lose one's soul over lukewarmness.

Examples shown to me so that I pray harder and do more penance.

Please consider this.

First, people will go to hell for wasting time. Many young people follow types of entertainment, thinking they deserve three or four night outs and playing games regularly. God showed me their souls are either dying from lack of prayer or already dead.

Second, watching television shows which are so evil one can hardly believe it. I was in the sorry position of having to see a show I never saw and would not watch which is a very popular sit-com about two men who basically commit all kinds of mortal sins and the entire show is supposed to be funny. It is not. It is evil and the more young people watch evil, the more their consciences and sensitivity to natural law become atrophied.

Third, cheating in small ways, either not tithing, or not being totally honest about income tax, or lying to others and God about monetary situations.

Fourth, never acknowledging God as God, in control and Judge. The lack of the virtue of fear of the Lord creates a huge absence which causes a blase attitude towards God.

Fifth, never, never, never praying.

This list provides part of what God was showing me in the last two days---most people will go to hell, unless they change.

To be continued...on why I think God showed me these horrible truths....