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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Humor and God

I have always thought that humor is one way in which we are like God. Only a rational creature can see incongruities, oppositions and randomness as humorous.

Humor is a sign of a healthy mind and a balanced soul. St. Thomas More had wit and used it to communicate important concepts. Catholics have been noted for having a sense of humor, and so have Jews. There is something about being rooted in a spirituality which allows for looking at reality in different perspectives.

Catholics can make fun of themselves, which is an indication of sanity. Only those who lack rationality and sanity cannot see themselves in a humorous aspect.

I remember being around some converts years ago and some of the Catholics were sharing Catholic jokes, like the famous Pope Secola joke. These ex-Lutherans were shocked that we could make fun of the idea of a Pope, or cardinal or bishop. The point of humor is to show the humanity of man after the Fall, as imperfect and yet, noble. The incongruity of humor indicates an objectivity in man. Those who are completely subjective are not funny.

There are some religions which eschew humor as evil. This should be an indication that such a religion is false, lacking both in the ability to think and to be objective.

Humor is a result of Original Sin, as we can laugh at our weaknesses and flaws.

But, St. Thomas More stated that God created the animals for our entertainment and for humor.

If this is true, humor predates the Fall.

I thank God for humor and I thank God that so many in my family have a sense of humor.