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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ideas from Retreat Day Two

One of the biggest points made by the priest and one with which the retreatants highly agreed may surprise you.

Father noted the persecution has become more and more obvious. He said it could come to Malta. This idea was accepted, as some awake Catholics can see the signs of the times.

When one is in a Mediterranean country, persecution is not that far away in time or space.

Father said that those who are truly in the Kingdom of God will be persecuted.

I found this particularly comforting after this week of meeting such almost daily.

The priest also said it is fine to suffer and grieve when persecuted.

I know how that feels, but one level of hurt is merely human, based on pride. While the higher level is suffering persecution for the sake of Christ.

When one feels the pain and knows that one is joined with Christ in His Passion, that is holy suffering.