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Monday, 24 November 2014

No Comment

Well over a month ago, I stopped being "on twitter". Not only was it too time consuming, but some of the tweeters were getting so rude I did not need the agro.

Same with commentators now. I have decided to stop commenting on any blogs except, maybe, Fr. Z's, where the commentators are less rabid and usually do not resort to ad hominems. Many blogs do not have keen moderators or any at all.

When one gets older, one realizes that one does not have to be insulted. Sadly, there are now two generations who think it is ok to attack the messenger rather than the message, and who do not actually READ was is in a comment, but see what they want to see.

Enough is enough, already.

I have commented as I am a teacher at heart. However, when I was in the classroom, respect was accepted as the norm.

Social communication seems not to have any normatives for polite behavior.

So be it. I do not need to comment.

But, tempted to make a comment here.

Just tempted....