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Monday, 24 November 2014

Today's Gospel Reading

Do not give out of your abundance, but out of your need. Someone asked me yesterday if I was upset that my only son, my only child, was going to be a priest. I have been asked this question so many times, I am no longer surprised by the lack of understanding of the honor of having a son in the seminary.

I replied no, of course, and that I have known for 21 years that this son would be a priest.

I have tithed the fruit of my body-the best goes to God first. We do not tithe after we have budgeted or decided on spending, we tithe the first and the best to God.

Cain killed Abel not merely because God favored Abel, but because Abel was righteous in giving his best to God. Those who lack generosity cannot understand the virtue of religion, and actually hate those who put God first.

This attitude of piety convicts those who want to put themselves first, which causes the aversion to that holy person.

Today's reading reveals Christ love for those who put Him first, and His Bride first, the Church.

I am poor, but what I have I give to Thee, O Lord, for You are my God and I love You.