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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Caught Up in Chaos

So many Catholics do not see what is happening. I am aware of much more persecution of the Church in so-called civilized nations which I am not free to share on this blog.

But, let me share this. We are all going to be caught up in chaos just by being Catholics.

Whether we desire to suffer or not, this type of suffering will happen soon.

Even peripherally, some of us will be involved in the persecution of others who have been more public, more brave than we are.

Do not kid yourselves on this subject of being involved because you are Catholic.

All Catholics will soon have to make serious decisions about their Faith.

In the past two days, two things have happened in European countries which have seriously impinged on the ability of priests to preach the Gospel and the truth of the Catholic Church.

Some lay people have chosen to back down from confrontations which others have brought into their worlds. Some Catholics want the Church to change teachings in order to avoid confrontations with national governments. They are afraid. To compromise seems a good to these people who cannot see how these compromises their very salvation.

I try and tell people this protection because of compromise will not happen, but people are becoming so afraid, they are being encouraged into believing safety is in cooperating with evil. I understand this fear and instability. I have known that as a blogger I am more vulnerable than most Catholics. All Catholic bloggers will fact the decision as to whether to continue or not in the face of growing opposition to the topics we cover. But, all educators and preachers are vulnerable. Very....

One must balance prudence with ministry. This takes prayer and discernment.

To think that Catholics will be able to avoid chaos and the result of chaos is naive.

As I have written before, when nations become paranoid, they look for scapegoats. Read my series earlier this year marked in the tags about Rome, February 24.

The Christians in Rome lived very low-key lives. Yet, they became seen as a great threat to the government which demanded that all people conform to the state religion.

The state religion of the West is now gross secularism, which denies both natural law and absolute truth. Those of us who know the truth are seen as threats to those supporting the institutionalized denial of God's law and man's real nature. The soul is being denied. When that happens in law, chaos will follow.

Families will be affected as individuals are affected. Religious brothers and sisters will be affected, as well as priests and bishops.

The greatest persecution of Catholics the world has ever seen, including that of the old Soviet Union and China, will come upon us all.

Support those who have the freedom to write, make videos, make television shows, etc. Support your Catholic bloggers. Some groups will be able to continue longer than others, but one reason God put me here is to see the army of the enemy pushing towards the trenches. The language of warfare is the necessary vocabulary for the spiritual warfare we are seeing increasing in both Europe and America.

Take advantage of the freedom we know and now have for a short while.

You will not have such clear teaching as you have had to date in the future. Pray for me and some others who are facing the world alone without a community. We are moving rapidly into dangerous times, and you all need to seek community.

I have already been affected personally, and things will get worse. Pray for me to find that community where God wants me to be very quiet and pray. The days for blogging are numbered, believe me. Today and yesterday, I had personal warnings of this reality.

I may have to tell you one day very quickly that the blog is ending. Do not be surprised by this.

The two virtues one must develop at this time are prudence and wisdom.

Pray for those in yourself and in me.