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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Great Idea from A Reader-St. Lucy's Apostolate

One of my readers suggested to me that there should be a group of people, an apostolate, praying specifically for those orthodox Catholics who have fallen under the spell of false seers.... like a "ghost busters", against false apparitions, team.

I am involved in praying for the third order needs I am in and, also, I pray for my readers' intentions as well as those of my friends and family.

If some of you feel inclined to join such a group, I would join you in prayer as well as I already do this and have had Masses said for those following false visionaries. This commitment set forth here today is purely informal.

I shall call this the St. Lucy's Apostolate, as her name means light.

If you feel like you want to add those who are caught up in The Warning, True Life in God, Medjugorje and even Bayside (still), as well as other false visionaries, please spiritually join the St. Lucy's Apostolate. I would like to see how many commentators would add there prayers for this important need.

Some orthodox communities are being torn apart by those who insist on following false visionaries. Satan delights in deceit and division.

St. Lucy, pray for all of those caught in the lies of heresies and false visionaries. Bring them to Mary, Our Mother, who will give them graces to see the lies and false teachings. Let Christ, the Light of the World, shine into their minds and hearts and move them to study the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church, increase their knowledge, and disengage them from seeking consolations in experiences. Help these good people learn to live in faith, hope, and charity. We also pray for those who falsely proclaim visions, and even benefit materially for these deceptions. Lord, have mercy on them and help them to repent. Let the truth shine forth from the hearts and minds of all Catholics.