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Saturday, 13 December 2014

OK, A Rant on Heroes Are Not Squeamish


 adjective \ˈskwē-mish\
: afraid to deal with or do things that might hurt or offend people
: having an unpleasantly nervous or doubtful feeling
: easily shocked, offended, or disgusted by unpleasant things

I am so tired of Catholics in certain quarters not wanting to see the remains of aborted babies or the pictures of the Holocaust.

To be so nice about denying murder and torture is not the stuff of the Church Militant. We shall be facing the end of Christianity in many countries, and abortion is part of this fight for life.

To be squeamish is not a virtue of saints. Margaret Roper bribed someone to get the head of her saintly father off of the spike. I saw the skull of St. Thomas More years ago by chance. I also saw the wounded skull of St. Thomas a Becket. Brave people honored the dead. We honor dead babies by showing their bodies. We should feel uncomfortable and mourn. 

We can either face reality and grow strong, or hide under niceties. We should be offended by abortion and shocked by photos. That is the point. Sin is shocking.

Grow up, Catholics.