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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

"Diabolic Influence" Part Two

Someone wants to know what the signs of diabolic influence are when connected to visionaries and those who follow them.

Here are a few bullets.
  • Consistent disobedience to the rulings of the CDF and local bishops, with the proud attitude that one does not have to obey liberal bishops concerning seers and visions. Seers also exhibit disobedience to bishops.
  • Pre-occupation with consolations from God and a determination that these consolations mean the seers are true. Consolations can be from the evil one, as these are based on emotion.
  • Carelessness about doctrinal points, not considering the long teaching of the Church concerning the persons of the Trinity, Mary, and the nature of the Church. Often, the ecclesiology and Christology of the false seers are heretical.
  • Insistence that private revelations be considered seriously as part of one's spiritual life, instead of one developing one's own relationship with God. In other words, Satan deflects a person's focus.
  • Willful ignorance concerning sin, absolution, the Petrine authority and apostolic succession as residing in the Catholic Church.
  • Messages which state all religions are the same and there are many ways to God, clearly satanic, as there is only one way to God and that is Christ.
  • Fanatical loyalty to persons instead of to God, idolatry of people and places instead of detachment.
  • False fruits, false prophecies, which undermine the authority and teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • Money-making endeavors which make the seers rich and famous-a clear indication of falsity and demonic influences-at least three popular, unapproved seers or group of seers and their families have become rich on the false visions. Note that this is very different from Blessed Jacinta and Francesco and St. Bernadette and their families.
  • Refusal to repent when errors are pointed out clearly, especially doctrinal errors and false prophecies. A stubborness sets in to the hearts of the followers as well as the seers.
  • The followers place the messages over and above doctrine and dogma, again undermining the authority of the Teaching Magisterium.
  • Judgmental attitudes towards bishops and priests who disagree with the visions and seers. False support of the seers who sometimes adopt a victim attitude.
  • Denial of sin and punishment, such as the denial of hell-universal salvation as accepted
  • Denial of the fact that the way to perfection is already known and has been so there is no need for further knowledge.
  • Absolute error in stating that Revelation continues, when in fact it ended with the last word of the book of Apocalypse.
  • Hatred and despising of authority and those who disagree with the visions on the part of the followers, who create an "us" and "them" attitude. 
  • Refusal to study the encyclicals and the CCC, stating the visions are more important.
All this indicates a rebellious nature and a Gnostic tendency to want to be one of the special few who get to heaven with arcane knowledge, instead of seeing that the simplicity of the Gospel is the way to holiness.

Satan wants to undermine the authority of the Church. He wants to take people away from studying and appropriating an adult faith. He wants to distract them by creating a fanaticism for consolations. 

The way to holiness is the Cross.

to be continued....