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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

"Diabolic Influence"

This may be one of the most important posts I write this year. This information came from three sources, none of which I can give online in order to protect those involved.

I can say that one source is a very holy priest, known here in Europe.

The information basically surrounds the serious problems of Gnosticism concerning the groups and individuals who follow false seers.

The facts are these: apparition chasing has become a prime focus for many, many, otherwise good Catholics. This preoccupation with private revelations forms a theme on this blog going back almost seven years, including on my first blog.

What I have learned through experience and the input of some holy people, including the priest, who is straight-down-the-wicket orthodox and traditional, is that most, if not all the false seers and false visions, originate from "diabolic influence". In other words, it is not merely the case wherein young and not-so-young people make mistakes and then carry on those errors, but that the visions and words are from demons, even satan himself.

In addition, those who religiously and rigorously follow these false seers and their messages "fall under the same influence".

I knew this from experience from encountering demonic activity connected to false seers, and now I have had my suspicions confirmed by several things which have happened on Sunday night, and Monday night of this week, as well as today, Wednesday.

The rule should be this: if the Catholic Church has not approved an apparition or messages, do not read books or pamphlets about these, or follow these, do not watch the videos, and do not go to those places of pilgrimages.

Do not go to talks or retreats connected with anyone of whom Rome and other bishops have given warnings or proclaimed that the messages and visions are personal meditations and not from God.

The problem has been complicated by the fact that too many Catholics do not understand the basic teaching of the Church regarding the nature of God, the Trinity, Mary's role in the plan of salvation, salvation, heaven, hell, purgatory, sin, grace, baptism, and confession.

I have gone into detail on this blog many times about some of the seers who are most dangerous, as they hold views contrary to the Teaching Magisterium.

After my own experiences of the past few days, and this information from a priest, I felt I must share the seriousness of the situation.

All I can say is, "Be obedient to Rome and local bishops".