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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

To Be A Minority

When I grew up in Iowa, in a city which 80% of the populace were Lutherans, the Catholics were a small minority.  One of the advantages of being a small minority was that we had to know why we were Catholic. We learned at an early age to be apologists.

I remember in the summer of 1964, sitting on the back steps with my first boyfriend, discussing the theologies of Catholicism (me) and Lutheranism (him).

The identity of Catholicism was keen and real. Because the society was Protestant, to be a Catholic meant that mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, taught religion to the children in the home. Catholic identity was learned in the home, through the celebration in the home of name days, feast days, holy days of obligation.

Catholic families watched Bishop Sheen on television in the 50s and 60s. Catholic families socialized with Catholic families. See my post here. My dance card is full and young people will not believe this

To be a minority was a good thing for Catholics in the Midwest. To be a minority meant learning one's Faith on one's own, in one's home.

I am thinking that one reason God will allow persecution is to make us a minority again. To be a majority religion is a dangerous thing in a society where compromises then take place in order to stay the majority religion.

This is the problem in the States. Catholicism stopped being home-based and become diocesan-based. Parents gave up responsibility for teaching and for formation of character to the schools.

Religion stopped being practiced in this home.

A remnant Church must be a local church. A remnant Church must take care of religious needs privately and on a small scale. A minority Church must preserve and pass down Catholic identity for survival.

Home schooling families have done this in America for forty years. And, real Catholics are being marginalized daily. A remnant has to decide to be Catholic--choose Catholic identity and pass it on.

The Church will disappear in many, perhaps most, areas, as it did under persecution in Northern Africa.

Only those families and clans which have Catholic identity will endure.

It is not so bad being a minority.

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