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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I find it fascinating that Muslims, militant homosexuals, feminists, radical Protestants, and atheists read my blog. I am truly glad they do.

However, what I do not understand is why they feel they must leave nasty anonymous comments.

Read away...but, at least try to be rational and not merely make knee-jerk emotional comments. If you are rational, commentators, we can discuss issues, like God, natural law and religion.

I pray for my readers and even light candles, which is Malta, as in Rome, are mostly electric. One puts money in a side slot, pushes a lever, and up comes the electric bulb candle.

So, those disgruntled ones who leave uncharitable comments get prayers.

If I had enough money, I would have Masses said for them.

Perhaps, some of my readers who know the Truth and have been set free from anger, hatred, and violence could have some Masses said for those above who have written to me. Of course, they never leave names, except one rabid Protestant.

I do not publish those comments. Prayers on the way......................