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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


This morning, plans to meet a friend were cancelled for his reasons. However, I am not venturing out until later. Where I am has experienced a storm of high winds, heavy rain, lightning and thunder for over fourteen hours.

I assume much of the island had the same weather, but the weather patterns in this small place vary.

Even now, at this hour of the morning, the winds are so high one can hardly stand up.

The storms here could be seen in light of the storms between good and evil which surround us here.

More and more Maltese are discussing the influx of non-Christians. A man discussed this with me on Saturday. He is a good man and noted that if this immigration continues, churches will close and society will change. He said to me, as he travels back and forth to England for business, that England is "lost". He explained to me that the Faith is gone there and London seems no longer "British". Those in denial are those who are benefiting financially from these new relationships. As he said, it is all about money.

Why Christian countries lose their Christian identities is a simple question to answer. When individuals lose personal faith in Christ and His Church, choose selfishness, money, greed, contraception, pleasure and so on over natural law and the laws of God revealed through the Church, Catholicism is set aside.

As we all know, until Europe rediscovers the Catholic Faith, which created Europe, it will continue to die. I wrote about this since the beginning of my blog in 2007.

We need more missionaries here, but, of course, the EU is keeping some out.

In 2003, in my religion classes, I predicted, because of common sense, that Europe would fall to the Muslims, and that America would fall to the Chinese and Russians. Ironically, Russia is likewise nervous about Islam, and has been. America is asleep.

Greed is the name of the game, and the relativism and subjectivism of too many Catholic clergy, who have left their flocks to the wolves, has created soft brains and mushy souls.

Get ready, become holy, pray for courage...