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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Getting Back to Raissa Perfection Series VIII Part XVIII Simplicity and Unity

A key truth about why we must cooperate with grace to become perfect could not be more easy to understand. Three stages demand simplicity of soul. One is the Dark Night of the spirit, which is the time of humility. The second stage which needs simplicity is the Illuminative Stage. The gifts and graces of energy, zeal and virtues need a basis of simplicity. The third stage, that of unity, must be based on simplicity.

Why? Because God is Simple, we must meet Him in simplicity. The same is true for the virtue of unity, which is integrity. One must have unity is self, soul, mind, heart, intellect in order to become one with Unity, Who is God.

Why is it that the Maritain's get simplicity? Why is it that Garrigou-Lagrange gets simplicity?

Because of the intellect being purified, these geniuses have pierced the mind of God to a certain extent.

But, Raissa had to suffer, she had to pray in contemplative prayer in order to get to this point of simplicity.

Holiness is the only way to simplicity. Humility is the only way to simplicity. Conversion of heart, mind, and soul are the only ways to simplicity.

Here is the rub. Most of the leaders of the Church are NOT seeking simplicity and unity. That is why some cardinals are pushing gradualism, which is a heresy, period.

Here is an old article which may shock you. Gradualism cannot keep the integrity of a person, which means that a person moves completely away from sin-unity must be sought if one wants to meet God.

Today, Schonborn again pushed gradualism. Do not be confused. DO NOT BE CONFUSED.

Those who support this position do not understand Christ's call to metanoia, about which I have written in the past month.

Gradualism denies grace, denies the call to holiness.

Gradualism denies that God wants us to be one with Him.

This is Raissa's great insight--that we must be simple and unified in ourselves in order to meet God in simplicity and unity.

to be continued...