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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Love for A Small Island

Having visited Malta four times in my life, I am loving this small country more and more. I have many good friends here which make this place like a second home. One gets use to living in a first-world country with third-world attitudes. And, God's scenery provides some of the most beautiful vistas on the planet.

Like all European countries, Malta faces serious challenges. Unlike most, because of conservative economic policies and very careful banks, Malta is always in the "black".  Many people are prospering here, but the average income for most households in only 28,000 Euros. Since 2011, I have watched inflation hit this lovely country, but it is still one of the most reasonable places to come for a long stay. Americans can come for three months, the normal time Americans are allowed in any European country. Today, I was a bit mopey because my visit is two-thirds over exactly. But, in this last month, I shall, gratefully, make the most of my stay here.

One thing I like about some of the Maltese I have met, is that they are "awake", unlike so many Catholics in America who do not seem to see their rights eroding quickly.

Many Maltese are highly concerned with the EU, with the real problems of terrorism, with unbridled immigration. The Maltese are getting worried.

One told me the other day that when the Maltese are pushed to the wall, they react. I hope that day will not be too late. For centuries, this small island bravely and successfully stood up against the enemies of Christ and His Church. I pray that the hearts of the Maltese still beat for Catholicism.

I love this small island and the Maltese people. Pray for them and for the leaders of the Church here to be wise and orthodox.