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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Perfection vs. Advent Chaos

I should label this post, "Perfection vs. Christmas Prep" as it is clear to my by my numbers that most readers are not interested in the latest perfection series. I have asked myself why and can only come up with three answers. One, everyone is out shopping. Two, readers are tired of the series, plural. Three, Raissa does not appeal to some readers.

But, I think the reason for a lack of interest in spirituality is deeper and more dangerous. Too many people are caught up with the politics of the Church and not their own journey to holiness.

St. John of the Cross underwent his Dark Night and came into Illumination when his own order put him into prison for nine months. Now, one can suffer in "virtual" prisons as well, such as poverty or marginalization, or loneliness.

Most people do not want to face the suffering of the Dark Night. Some readers who email me share that they are now in the DN and appreciate knowing why they have been put into such suffering.

But, too many readers want to continue to put the outside machinations of Rome at the top of their reading list, rather than their own long and hard journey to perfection.

Like those who chase after the experiences of false prophets and false seers, thinking, reading and following these people as a sign of personal holiness on their part, so too, many of those who are wannabee Vatican watchers think that holiness comes from being on top of what is happening in Rome.

This has, of course, never been the case, unless one is a St. Catherine of Siena, or St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Advent should not be a time of either over-busyness, or following the machinations of authors on the Vatican, but a time for pursuing holiness.

What a grace is given to us for four weeks to prepare for more grace and growth.

Do not waste the time.