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Monday, 29 December 2014

Making Saints Part Three

One of the most deadly tendencies of pastors, teachers, and parents must be the denial of sin and the consequences of sin.

The false ideology of "universal salvation", very popular among those who have fallen away Catholic children or grandchildren, pushes Catholics into fake positions of mercy which ignores justice.

Those who suffer from evil people, (who make, even daily, evil decisions), hope and pray for justice, and share the recognition that consequences follow sin.

Temporal punishment due to sin is a teaching of the Catholic Church. Saints understand that hell is real and that even they could go to hell. The making of saints has become more difficult because of the clouding of minds, hearts, souls regarding who is saved and who is not.

Who is saved? Those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, states John in the Book of Revelation.

Who is not saved? Those who refuse to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and keep His commandments, states Paul in the Epistle to Titus and in other places.

Simple....the saints are those who love and obey Christ.

Those leaders in the Church should be in the business of making saints.

Are they? Do they? Do we?