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Monday, 29 December 2014

Restaurant Check in Malta

Before STS left, he treated me as part of my Christmas pressie ( a book, other part, of course), and birthday pressie, to the best restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of eating in here in Malta.

Tarragon is in St. Paul's Bay. The food is superb, the wine excellent, and the service amazing. The waiters are quiet but efficient. None of this horrible Maltese habit of hovering over one while one is trying to eat and discuss St. Augustine's views on massa damnata.

I learned that in my absence, STS has, under the normal tutelage of seminaries and good older friends, become an expert in wines.

We had a South American white wine, which name escapes me and yummy food overlooking the very rocks on which St. Paul crashed.

I mentioned that I wondered what he would think of this place and STS assured me that he knew how to abound and how to be abased. STS made sure I had a night of abundance.

Recommended by STM and STS, Tarragon...

I have just heard that the owner has opened another place, more like a cafe, in St. Julian's. Perhaps, I can share info on that place....