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Monday, 29 December 2014

Making Saints Part Two

Holy communities with real saints for abbots or prioresses or whoever, would make for excellent followers.

The same is true for families. If the leader, that is the dad, is holy, the chance for vocations and holiness in the children seems more likely.

Some people say saints are born, not made. Yes, God does decide through Divine Providence and predestination, who will have more grace and what types of grace. One can follow my other posts on grace and predestination on these points.

But, environment must be an issue of importance. Children raised in godless households, totally spoiled and without virtue training, can become saints, but it is much harder. One cannot count on a St. Augustine.

The newer orders may have a better chance of nurturing saints than the older ones, and many older ones are dying out. The vocation numbers reflect both the charism of the founders, such as Dominic or John Bosco, but also those in current authority.

Of course, if the older orders embraced the Latin Mass, I am convinced we would see a renewal of the traditional orders.

to be continued...