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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Discovered A New Church Today

Sacre Coeur Church in Sliema is one I had not found until today. In order to see churches, one must be there for Mass times, as most are locked-up immediately after Mass, which is very sad.

I went to nine o-clock Mass here and found this link for you to check out the photos.

I am rather amazed that the vast majority of Maltese and Gozitan churches do not have websites.

The way to find out Mass times is by checking this excellent site, but, it is not the same as having a gallery of photos and events. Parish life is simply not on line.

This, to me, indicates, that the youth are not interested, as most Maltese and Gozitans who actually go to church are not online, do not have email as I have discovered.

A few, yes....a few.

The lack of online interest also indicates that most tourists who come here do not go to church. In other words, the tourists are not Catholic, or even Christians.

The small Adoration Chapel behind the church is something else I just discovered. Located in an ancient building, connected to the convent of the Franciscan nuns, the chapel seem very old, but in reality was established in 2006.

I am glad I found it!