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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Spiritual Pacifists

Someone recently made a comment that they did not like the phrase "Church Militant". This person thought it was too militaristic.

What about the old teaching that at Confirmation we become "soldiers of Christ"?

Three battles wage daily and we are part of these battles.

First, the battle in our own soul, mind, heart, imagination and will.

Second, the battle against the world and all the pressures and distraction it brings into our lives.

Third, the battle against Satan and his legions of demons.

I think the Church Militant is a most appropriate name, as opposed to those who want to be in the Church Mushy.

How is it that so many Catholics have become spiritual pacifists?

Christ Himself waged spiritual war not only in His forty days in the desert, but on the Cross.

The Cross is a sign of victory.