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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Remember when I had these in the flat earlier?

UPDATE AT TEN P.M. Well, just disposed of one which came in through the open window. No screen on that window. Eeiiuu....I still cannot believe how these live in such cold weather. I shall have to be very careful when I get up in the morning to make sure none are on the floor.....

Well, I had to go the other night in the courtyard and I stepped on one in the dark. Eeiiiuuu! Even though I was wearing clogs, the experience was not nice.

At least the creature was not in the apartment. But, how can they live in such cold weather? It has been about 34 at night. Amazing!

The cold has killed off the mosquitoes, which is great, as Maltese ones like me, but North American ones do not.

I  admit I smashed one of these Lehmannia melitensis which was trying to slide in under the crack in the door the other day. My son would not approve. He likes mollusks. 

The Cats of Malta do not eat these, I guess, as two cats live in the courtyard and they ignore these creatures. I suppose the fact that I give the Cats of Malta tuna has something to do with it.

 I do not mind the snails, as they just climb on the walls and do not try to get inside. Here is a photo of Theba pisana.  Thanks to wiki for the links and photos.