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Thursday, 5 March 2015


I wrote last week about people living in fantasy land. I am encountering in person and on line more and more people who simply do not want to believe that the governments of the world have become more and more outwardly hostile to the Catholic Church.

What is the largest institution in the world which could stand up against a NWO?

Yes, the Catholic Church.

Some people have convinced themselves that their opinions are truth.

No. Facts not opinions create laws.

Unless Christians remain Christian and follow laws because they want to do so, there can be no freedom in America or Europe. Laws are followed because people believe in something higher than government. People obey moral laws because they believe in God.

The trouble is that too many people have made government their god.

Opinions not base on fact cannot change the world. If one is wearing blinders, one cannot see what is truly happening.

Why some see and others do not is a simple question to answer. Those who insist on deceit, on being deceit, have given in to deceit in their souls. Self-deceit has become a way of life for many people.

Blinders are also created by sin for which a person does not want to repent. Sin creates blindness, destroys discernment, causes more deceit.

When ssm passes, many Catholics including cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and laity will follow the new laws of the land under the name of giving civil rights to gay couples. As I have written here for years, sin has no rights.

Those in the Church who are faithful will be persecuted by those who will choose compromise.

See my many posts on the English Revolt against Catholicism....

If one compromises, one loses one's soul. Period.

One cannot create a fantasy land out of deceit and lying to one's self for the sake of comfort or status.

We shall all be forced into making decisions for right or for wrong.

Those who choose to wear blinders will make the wrong choice.