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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ok Crunch Time

The tide has turned and one must choose.

Many of you have encouraged me not to stop this blog, but I have severe personal things which need attention. Sadly, I have no one within hundreds of miles to actually help me with some pressing needs. I hope to continue, but may not be able to do so until some other business can be finished.

This place where I am is not permanent, of course, But, it has been a lovely cave on the way through the desert.

Some of my readers understand the peripatetic lifestyle I have led for four entire years.  Physically, I cannot deal with the demands of spiritual direction, the blog, and getting my own work down without your prayers. Please pray for me. Thankfully, God has made me a disciplined person about daily things, but there is much to do.

Prayer takes a tremendous amount of energy, especially intercessory prayer. Contemplative prayer takes a tremendous amount of energy. It would be nice if I had another person to join me in this daily regime, but I do not. Yet, I shall continue.

I am going on a short retreat this weekend, my first retreat in almost two years, although the Malta experience was like a retreat just living in silence, daily adoration and Mass, as well as spiritual direction. Tomorrow will be more intense.

I have permission from the main speaker to take notes, which I may do.

However, I need to share that the time for mulling over what to over and readers need to make decisions. I cannot keep telling readers that Catholic life as we have known it is coming to an end here in the States.

Example: what if your bishop or the majority of priests in your diocese agree with the ssm law? You will be faced with bishops or priests who will no longer be offering licit Eucharists. Since Pope Leo XIII, it is clear that those clerics who choose to separate from Rome on basic matters of teaching, have removed themselves from the Church and their masses are illegal and Eucharists invalid.

No confessions, no Eucharist, no marriages in the some areas.

You may be in a sacramental desert.

A real Catholic needs to start thinking of daily persecution without the sacraments. A real Catholic must think about hiding priests.