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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Missing My Spiritual Director

My old spiritual director. could read my soul and verbalize the movements of God in my soul like very few priests. This is because he has suffered.  He is one of three in my life who are/were outstanding. He is in an order and the other two were in orders; one a Jesuit and one Opus Dei.

I would like to share a few thoughts from him today which touch all Americans.

One, I had mentioned that the soul of America is dead. He replied, "Losing one's soul is easy,yet I do hope that embers lie beneath, glowering impatiently, lying in wait for the lightest of breezes....and American souls are no exception." He is correct, but the breeze will not be light, as there is a mighty wind coming.

Two, I had mentioned the superficiality and liberalism of Catholicism here. His answer, "Of course even spiritual matters and themes are marketed and packaged for the challenge-weary or commitment-shy, witness the way angels are portrayed and sought or courted in popular art, literature and spiritual/therapy groups". Again, he hit the nail on the head that even religion has been marketed in America and made into a product, and not a process. Consumerism in the Church is obvious here.

Three, "The thirst for religion is still there." And, I hope so.