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Friday, 27 March 2015

Calendars in the Church

I have four possible calendars to follow on this blog. The first is the one most of us follow daily, and from where I get my daily readings for meditation for you. That is the Novus Ordo calendar. Home schoolers could buy the liturgical calendar poster I did for my son for years and have it on the home school wall.

The second calendar is that of the 1962 Missal, that of the Extraordinary Form.

The third is the Byzantine Catholic calendar, with the Eastern saints honored, and which has different holydays of obligation.

The fourth is the Benedictine calendar, which I follow daily in my breviary, which is the order of the Monastic Diurnal.

Those who read my blog know I use a mix of these, so do not get confused, go with the flow, and enjoy the riches of the liturgical heritage of our beautiful Church.