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Friday, 27 March 2015

Re-posts for the feast of St. John Damascene, Doctor of the Church

04 Dec 2013
As readers know, I am putting the series on again with different numbering. As today is the Feast of St. John Damascene, I am putting his entries on the blog. I hope this helps for people still confused about invincible ignorance ...
10 Mar 2013
I shall look at Basil, Peter Chrysologus, Gregory Nazianzus, Hilary of Poitiers Athanasius, the two Cyrils, and John Damascene, John Chrysostom, and Isidore of Seville before moving on to others closer to our own time.
25 Sep 2013
IX. St. Anselm's Proof of the Existence of God. X. The Cosmological Argument of St. John Damascene. XI. The Argument from Intuition. XII. Aspects of Modern Pantheism. XIII. Christian Idealism. XIV. Malebranche and Fénelon.
19 Feb 2014
So the soul must strike out toward the open sea, into the infinite ocean of being, says St. John Damascene, borne up by the divine will as made known there and then and abandoning itself to that divine will upon which all ...
17 Aug 2014
... tabernacles.... It was fitting that she who saw her Son die on the cross, and received in her heart the sword of pain which she had not felt in childbirth, should gaze upon Him seated next to the Father." John Damascene ...
04 Aug 2014
THE PASSIONS FROM THE PSYCHOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW St. Thomas, who follows Aristotle and St. John Damascene, defines passion thus: "A movement of the sensitive appetite when we imagine good or evil.
03 Jan 2015
He gives to each, says St. Thomas, [1456] more than strict justice requires. It is thus that St. Thomas harmonizes God's antecedent will, of which St. John Damascene speaks, with God's omnipotence. The Supreme Principles.

21 Nov 2014
357-358; Hesychius of Jerusalem, Homilia de sancta Maria Deipara: PG 93, 1464; Chrysippus of Jerusalem, Oratio in sanctam Mariam Deiparam, 2 PO 19, p. 338: St Andrew of Crete, Oratio V: PG 97, 896: St John Damascene ...
06 Mar 2014
of St. Augustine but of St. John Chrysostom, of Origen, of St. Gregory the Great, and of St. John Damascene,. since they say that Peter was deprived of help, a statement which cannot apply to sufficient grace, for without this ...
16 Mar 2013
Albert the Great Ephraim the Syrian Gregory the Great John of Avila Lawrence of Brindisi Anthony of Padua Bernard of Clairvaux Thomas Aquinas Basil the Great Francis de Sales Bede the Venerable John of Damascus