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Sunday, 12 April 2015

No Mention of Divine Mercy

The priest in my temporary parish gave a sermon based on his personal experience. I shall not give details, as the sermons this priest gives are professional, but without heart. He speaks without zeal, as if he is giving a talk at some business meeting. He is an excellent speaker, but congregations need more than a personal gift. Today, they needed to hear about mercy.

And, he did not mention Divine Mercy Sunday at all. Perhaps the great indulgence of all time, this wonderful opportunity to be free of all sin and the punishment due to sin, Divine Mercy was not even eluded to by this cleric.

Why? Why would a priest ignore Divine Mercy, the entire reason for the Incarnation and Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord?

One can only come to the conclusion that this priest, like so many others, may not believe in sin or the terrible punishment which comes as a consequence of sin.

The last  several years, since St. John Paul II instituted this feast, have ushered in an Age of Mercy. This is not a permanent age. Days are coming when many of the faithful will not be able to receive the sacraments, or go to Mass. Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing indulgence.

For years, I could not manage to remember the beginning of the novena, on Good Friday, but now I do. Thankfully, this year I finished it. One feels so grateful for this blessing, that one is moved to tears. Divine Mercy Sunday should be celebrated in every parish, especially now.

I pray for that priest who ignored Christ as the Divine Mercy. May God bring him to understand how much his very large congregation, like me, like you, need to hear of God the Father's great mercy towards us today.

In Vilnius, is an ancient icon and devotion to Our Lady, The Gate of Dawn, The Mother of Mercy.

Mary ushered in the Age of Mercy through her "fiat".  May God grant mercy to all who read this blog today and bring us all to eternal life with God.

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