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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


American Catholics must begin to make serious choices concerning daily life. We are living in such evil times, satan is trying to destroy the Church, and we know we are in a crisis of Faith. Therefore, to pretend that life is the same as it was in our childhood must be a believing a lie which is one of the greatest victories of the great deceiver, satan.

None of us can be living as if we are not on the edge of one of the greatest persecutions coming to the Church across the Western world. 

No one likes to suffer, but we all who are living, will suffer, terribly. For years, I have written about the American desire for comfort only. I have written about the need for purification and purgation of all of our sins, predominant fault, and even concupiscence. 

Christ redeemed the world in suffering. We are all called, now. to some type of redemptive suffering.

If Catholics are not thinking of reparation for horrible sins, which we hear about daily in the media, and the great paganism, which has now has been accepted into law in our country, they are living a lie.

We need to help each other with reality therapy, and getting ready for all the things about which I have written on this blog and elsewhere.

We needed to make choices-to prepare spiritually, and perhaps, to prepare physically, for persecution.

We also need to learn prudence, to become more and more hidden, yet deep in our Faith.

I pray for all my readers to become saints. Pray for me to become a saint.

May I add that some souls cannot be won except by suffering, In the suffering to come, join with Christ in order to save souls.