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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

SVP and Big Brother

A reader from Australia sent me a long note on how the government there has supported some of the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. But, now, the government wants details on all of the people served by that society-income, mortgages, and so on.

My reader presented the idea to his group that the SVP would stop taking government money and be completely dependent on Divine Providence.

Of course, this is the way ALL Catholic charities should operate.

Pray for his group. Most agree with him, but this chapter will have to decide on complete independence.

Charity is not for the Victorian idea of the "deserving poor" but for those in need.

Charity does not demand a loss of dignity for those who need food or clothing. Prying into personal tragedies and difficulties makes a person lose dignity.

All of us must move away from this idea that somehow the poor need to be treated differently than the middle class or upper class.

We are all in need of respect.

Pray for the SVP in Australia to break with the government financially and rely on God.

Again, governments should not be in the charity business, but individual Catholics.