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Saturday 9 June 2012

Deacon Hunwicke on the Anglican Patrimony at the LMS Conference in London

Because I have so many posts today, I may skip tomorrow, the first time. This last talk was by Deacon Hunwicke of the Ordinariate, who has a blog here.

His talk was about the Anglican Patrimony, which is being brought into the Church by the Ordinariate. His emphasis was on George Bampfield, a great Papist.

Deacon Hunwicke will be ordained at the end of this month. Deacon Hunwicke is not only highly intelligent, but very funny. His talk, even after a long day, woke us up.

He noted that some Catholics think the Ordinariate is coming to set the Church right. He teaches Latin, Greek and other amazing things and is a TLM priest.  He taught at Lancing College. This college had effected other Anglicans and I need to write a separate post on this college. The photo is here.

The deacon emphasized the counter-cultural effects of the founders of Lancing College. That the founders were against Victorian religion and the anti-sacramental view of many of the Anglicans is an interesting point, such as their strong view of the sacrament of Confession. Anglo-Catholics. of course, did not have the ability to forgive sins, but the idea of the hierarchy forgiving sins was important for several reasons. One was that it undermined the patriarchal family roles. Also, confession was seen as continental and therefore elitist, and Lancing wanted to make it available to all.

I have met other Anglicans from this background, connected to Lancing College, which is interesting that this institution had such a strong influence on Anglicans of a certain sort. I shall write more of Lancing College at another time.

The Deacon referred to Manning's association with George Bampfield, whose confessor was Dr. Pusey. And, Bampfield became a Catholic.  The Deacon noted that Bampfield appeared at The Oratory in Brompton, Father Faber received him then and there, as this good Deacon noted. He also noted the talk of the town in the 1850s was the reality of the Immaculate Conception. This is all heady Anglicanism, indeed. Bampfield taught Classics at St. Edmund's Ware, and he was at Waltham Cross. Father Bampfield is in Trollope. What fun!

Manning was the Archdeacon of Chichester from 1840-1851 and as you know, he converted and eventually became Cardinal Manning.

I love all these threads coming together, twisting and turning in history and making the wonderful tapestry which is our Church.

I am beginning to understand the beauty of the 19th century heady days of the Oxford Movement's influence on so many people even today. I shall talk with Deacon Hunwicke again after he is ordained Father at the end of this month.