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Saturday, 8 September 2012

We are Lean and Mean; We are a Minority; We need to be Ready

Catholics lie to themselves about statistics.  There is a small and very orthodox group of young Catholics who have been properly catechized, mostly in home schooling families, or families which found NAPCIS schools. However, here is real data.
Church-going indicates morality and belief. although in some countries, like Malta, there are high statistics, but it is a contracepting Catholic populace, as one can see from the very low birthrate. I have that information in posts on this blog.
Weekly church-goers of any denomination: Russia 3%, UK 2% to 4%; France 4.5%; Spain 20%; America 41%
The average age of the priest in Spain is 65. The average age of the priest in America as of statistics of May 2012 is 59.
The fall from Catholicism is old Catholic countries is replaced by agnosticism. Contraception statistics seen in birth rates show the real problem-no replacement in so-called Christian countries and the lack of families. 33% of households in England are run by singles.
Even Latinas are using birth control now. 97 percent of sexually active Latinas in America between the ages 15 and 44 have used some form of contraception. I have checked all these sources.
Religious feeling may be up but practice and morality are not.
I have written a lot on Catholic singles. You can follow the tags. This problem is getting worse for many reasons. 
Catholic singles must decide on a vocation and not pretend being single is a vocation. It may be a sad reflection of either the lack of the ability to commit or it may be a problem in one's geographical area. But, as I have written, one must choose a real vocation in traditional sense of the word, unless one is taking care of aged parents or has a physical reason for either not becoming a religious, a priest or a nun, or getting married.
The number of practising Catholics is dwindling in most places. A practising Catholic is one who abides by the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. There are many, many dissident and disobedient Catholics. One can be disobedient in many ways, such as in supporting abortion, using contraceptions, or even following false prophets after being told these are wrong by the Vatican. One can be disobedient as to tithing, or the giving of alms. The greatest area of disobedience lies in the fact that Catholics, all of us, are called to evangelise by our baptism. This is not happening.
We shall be a lean and mean minority of people in the world. I have seen this drop in religion all my adult life and it is escalating. The fastest growing religions in the world are all man-made religions; Islam and Bahai, followed by the pagan religions of Sikiism, Jainism and and Hinduism, because of Indians birth-rate.
Judaism is practically extinct in some countries. There are only 13.4 million in the entire world, with slightly over 42% in Israel, followed by 39% in America, leaving the other 19% or so in Europe and Canada. Most outside of Israel are non-practising.
Catholic statistics are in name only and do not reflect the practising group. We practising and believing Catholics are a small lean and mean minority and with 59 million – The number of unmarried, never-been-married adults living in the United States in 2010. And, 13 million -The number of unmarried, never-been-married Catholic adults living in the United States, we are below replacement levels. I write about this all the time on my blog.
We real Catholics are becoming a smaller and smaller minority. In some polls, 80% of Catholics in the States use birth control, and 48% of Church-going Catholics supporting Obamacare in the States. 54% of Catholics support abortion and amazingly, Catholics in America to the tune of 46% support gay marriage, which is higher than the American norm of 42%.

Catholics, quit lying to yourselves about the cultures of the world. There are no Catholics countries, no havens of Catholicism, unless you create community in your own parishes.

Here are some statistics from 2011. 59 million - The number of unmarried, never-been-married adults living in the United States in 2010.
13 million -The number of unmarried, never-been-married Catholic adults living in the United States.
Single men’s mortality rates are 250 percent higher than their married peers. 
Single women’s mortality rates are 50 percent higher than their married peers.
Single men are twice as likely to commit suicide as married men.
40 percent of married people say they are happy with their lives as opposed to 25 percent of single people. 
Single men drink twice as much as married men. 
Single women are five times more likely to be victims of crime than married women. 
Less than 20 percent of adult singles attend Church on a regular basis. 
Nearly two-thirds of single adults feel Church has nothing to offer them. ( And I add that they should be choosing a vocation and not remaining single. God is calling them to be and to do something.) 
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, Barna Research Group, National Marriage Project