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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dublin Pro-Life Rally This Evening

I just came home from the Dublin pro-life rally. There were about 10,000 people there. I noticed the number of clergy and students, as well as families with children-large families with many children. God bless them.

For a very cold evening, the turn-out was good.

The speakers included a doctor who assured the crowd that most doctors in Eire are pro-life. This is encouraging. 

By now, the lies and hysteria of the false presentation of the media story concerning Savita is well-known and despised as a blatant attempt at manipulation for political purposes. You can see my other post on this.

However many people came out, there were more in the streets of Dublin Christmas shopping, going to concerts and the theatre. Walking back to the apartment, I thought how ironic it was that the Birth of Christ was being ignored by the various amazing decorations, while the real life issue was being addressed in front of the dark streets by the Dail.

I am not confident at all that the mysterious movement of evil in this country will not take Ireland to the full acceptance of abortion in January or February. That does not mean that we do not pray, fast and hope. However, the families who were not there and the young students in the medical schools who were absent are the pro-choice future of this sad country.

Pray, fast, write, vote but realize that until the hearts of men and women are converted to Christ and His Church, nothing will change this juggernaut of evil.