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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Work-Ethic vs the Cell Phone and Computer; stealing and lying

The same report from marketing research firms Nielsen and NM Incite also found that 51 percent of US adults between 25 and 34 use social networking in the office -- more than any other age group. From France 24

Work, fine, but social networking, no...............
When I was working, either full or part-time, the educational institutions had rules on social networking. Of course, cell phones had to be turned off in the classrooms and lecture halls. My colleagues and I did our social networking on our breaks, not in class time, or office time.

What has happened is that the Millennials have lost the work-ethic. No offence, but my generation knows how to work. And, it is one reason why we learn how to pray.

There is a connection. One must be disciplined to do things at the appropriate time. I am concerned about this statistic. What is wrong here is called stealing and lying, both.

Stealing is taking time for personal things for which one is being paid a salary for work.

Lying is pretending one is doing work instead of social networking.

These could become serious sins. As we say in the States, or did, "Time is money." 

Some Millennials do not have a work ethic, and this has led to poor services in many countries. I have had to wait in shops in Europe for young people to get off their cell phones, who should have been waiting on me. Happened yesterday. Why should people, including ancient ones older than myself, wait in a line while the young man behind the counter is on his phone? I shall not go back to that shop, period.

Why are they allowed to do this? This happened in a large store recently as well, when a young woman was on her phone. I had to wait. In fact, this happened three times in three weeks. So, once a week, in my very limited shopping, which is at most three times a week or food or personal items, I met this problem here in Dublin. Statistic: let me say conservatively 2 x 3 weeks shopping trips = 6; and 3 incidences of waiting for someone to get off the phone. Not good. And, these were personal calls. 

This constitutes bad manners, bad service. Two were young women and one was a young man. Two were not Irish, so this is not an anti-Irish comment. 

I think some Millennials do not know the difference between work and leisure time.

Prayer is a discipline. One cannot pray and text, or read email. One must create time for reading Scripture and meditating.

This is a huge problem for many under 40. 

Their souls are in danger of being so bound to electronics that they cannot pray and listen to God.

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