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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Perfection Series continued-Prayer is a Necessity; not a Leisure Activity

It is a wonderful thing to meet a holy priest who has experienced the stages of perfection. Too bad I cannot have him as a spiritual director, but I shall be leaving Ireland soon.

The comfort of not being judged, knowing that God uses various events and people to move us towards Him, and the strength of a man who has encountered God are all priceless.

But, here is the bottom line.

We are loved by God for no other reason than He created us.

Our existence is an act of love.

Our salvation is an act of love.

Our response is prayer. Do we not want to talk to those who love us? Frequently?

Blessed Columba Marmion wrote this:  "It can be established that according to ordinary ways, our progress in divine love practically depends on our life of prayer."

Some commentaries have belittled the life of prayer for the laity. No prayer, no progress.

Marmion writes that "the life of prayer is transforming."

These quotation are from Christ, the Life of the Soul, English translation by "A Nun of Tyburn," Mother Mary St. Thomas, 1922.

The laity have no choice but to pray. And pray frequently. And move into the stages by ASKING for the graces. Do not be sheepish. Do not be afraid. 

There are great saints in the Church and too many lay people think that saints are born, not made.

That is true only of the Blessed Mother and St. John the Baptist-who were born without Original Sin; one from her Immaculate Conception and the other by Divine grace in the womb . All others had to cooperate with grace. St. Bernard of Clairvaux cooperated with grace. So did St. Paul and St. Peter. Yesterday was the feast day of St. Francis Xavier, a saint who learned the Ignatian method of prayer.

Pray that God's Perfect Will be done in your life, and if you are too busy to pray, simplify your life somehow.

Seriously, do a "time management study" and find time. Ask for the grace of prayer. Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pray. Pray, please. 

The priest said that the only way to convert friends and family members who have fallen away is the two-fold approach of prayer and suffering. The problem with the new evangelism is that we think that programs and talking will convert people. Suffering and prayer move God in a way which is mysterious. He joins us in our suffering. Move towards God in prayer and face your suffering. God meets you and you meet Him in the suffering. 

Remember that activity outside of sanctifying grace and outside of God's Will is useless-a waste of time.

Remember what I wrote a few days ago. Activity must come from contemplation. Do not listen to leaders or even priests who say that meditation and contemplation are not for the laity. They, sadly, are undermining the way to holiness.

We are called to be saints and meditation and contemplation form the basis of all holiness.