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Monday, 28 January 2013

For my male friend who wants to read about perfection without roses


Inside Joke (my last car)

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Anonymous said...

Re sciatica:

I have been through it because of tennis.

It must be understood that the way to treat it is to stretch the hamstrings. I don't know your athletic background, but I recommend the following:

Standing at the bottom of stairs (or facing a chair if your without stairs), place one foot on the stairs so that the leg is approx parallel to the ground. Lean forward until you start to feel the stretch. Hold for AT LEAST one minute.

Keeping the feet in the same places, turn so that your face is perpendicular from the stairs. Lean forward until you feel the stretch and hold for one minute.

Repeat with the other leg.

NB: Make every stretch gentle. Don't force the stretch.