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Monday, 26 August 2013

Home Schooler Hints Part Four

If you do not have children, I apologize for today, but I am answering some queries.

Still, the subject is fascinating to me, and I most likely will never be in a classroom again. I love teaching.

This little post is on the dire responsibility for home schooling.

Many countries are making this basic right of all parents illegal. Of course, the evil one wants to break up the parental influences over their children, and the new world order coming to most places wants sheep for citizens instead of people who can think, hence core curricula and national curricula, which I am totally against.

My concern today is that too many parents think they cannot home school either for reasons of money or their own lack of knowledge.

If the world ever needed Catholic leadership, in the clergy and in the laity, it is now.

One does not have to be rich to home school. I actually had to go back to work and I worked part-time and home schooled.

Priorities. And, if one mom can do it on her own, two parents absolutely can.

Personally, I do not think Catholics have options not to do so, unless they live near a NAPCIS school, site link on name.

I am of the opinion that if a parent is sending their children to public schools, this situation must stop, as your children are being formed by seculars.

If you are sending your children to a bland Catholic school, with State curriculum, stop wasting your money now.

You are cooperating with evil.

Some mothers tell me their husbands force them to work. No husband or wife, for that matter, can force anyone to do anything. That is abuse and indicated a real problem in the marriage.

Some mothers tell me that their husbands are against home schooling. You women need to work harder at your presentation of the facts.  Pray. Be patient, but do all you can at home on weekends, if necessary.

God bless you all in your efforts. I shall give more practical advice later.

To be continued..