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Monday, 26 August 2013

Home Schooling Hints Answering a Reader's Request-Part One

Some parents tell me that they cannot afford the curricula for home schooling. There are alternatives. I mostly wrote my own.

You do not need to buy curriculum, although some states in America require that parents use an certified one. Iowa does this for example, or did. Just get the Great Books.

One can begin this series in 7th Grade in American terms, Year 8 in English terms. and First Year in Irish terms. and use it through high school. If one is home schooling more than one child, this investment is invaluable, as youth can be working on different authors simultaneously. This was the basis for many of the new colleges and high schools which grew up in the seventies, eighties and nineties.

I would have saved tons of money if I had bought this from day one, in 1991, when I began home schooling. However, I had many of these texts in my library in different formats.  The first home schooling I did was all based on Montessori, as I had training in that method, and I had my own school.

One can get most of these texts from libraries, or buy cheaper paperback editions for years of home schooling. But, if I had money for a home schooling family, I would start by purchasing old sets of these, which one can find.

Thanks to Wiki for all the information on these books below.

Just get the Great Books. That is all you need plus some good religious stuff I shall list in another post later. And, if one does not agree with the choices or selections, one must teach one's children how the enemy thinks as well. This is very important.


Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14

    Volume 15
    Volume 16
    Volume 17
    Volume 18
    Volume 19
    Volume 20
    Volume 21
    Volume 22
    Volume 23
    Volume 24
    Volume 25
    Volume 26
    Volume 27
    Volume 28
    Volume 29
    Volume 30
    Volume 31
    Volume 32
    Volume 33
    Volume 34
    Volume 35
    Volume 36
    Volume 37
    Volume 38
    Volume 39
    Volume 40
    Volume 41
    Volume 42
    Volume 43
    Volume 44
    Volume 45
    Volume 46
    Volume 47
    Volume 48
    Volume 49
    Volume 50
    Volume 51
    Volume 52
    Volume 53
    Volume 54

    Second edition

    In 1990 a second edition of Great Books of the Western World was published, with updated translations and six more volumes of material covering the 20th century, an era of which the first edition was nearly devoid. .....
    The pre-20th century books added (volume numbering is not strictly compatible with the first edition due to rearrangement of some books—see the complete table of contents[5] for the second edition):
    Volume 20
    Volume 23
    Volume 31
    Volume 34
    Volume 43
    Volume 44
    Volume 45
    Volume 46
    Volume 47
    Volume 48
    Volume 52
    The six volumes of 20th century material consisted of the following:
    Volume 55
    Volume 56
    Volume 57
    Volume 58
    Volume 59
    Volume 60