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Monday, 26 August 2013

Please The Warning Has Been Condemned. It Is Dangerous. Also, Another False Seer

People if you are following these heretics, you are putting your own soul in danger. 

16 Jul 2013
This time, He will not come as man in the flesh. Found here. OOPs our friends at the Warning have contradicted Catholic Teaching yet again. When Christ returns, He, of course, will come as the Incarnate God.
23 Apr 2013
More against the Warning-from another source not m... As usual, LifeSiteNews is wonderful-get ready for ... Excellent comment on why St. George's Day is impor... Oh dear....priestly imagination gone wild · Hmm, Senate too ...
27 Jul 2013
Stephen Sečka issued on the basis of reports of priests and believers phone calls from the Internet to disseminate data big warning of Jesus Christ. On this occasion, issued an opinion that we bring in full. Dear Brothers and ...
31 Aug 2012
The errors spilling forth from some websites already mentioned on this blog are leading Catholics astray. A reader has brought to my attention that the followers of this false prophet are saying a sealing prayer for the ...

04 Mar 2013
Excellent Warning Against Maria Divine Mercy. Posted by Supertradmum · I hope those people I know who follow her will ...
18 May 2013
Now that the good Bishop in Australia has given the kibosh to the evil of The Warning site, I can concentrate on another one brought to my attention and through the blog carer a few days ago. Thanks to CS for this information.

27 Jul 2013
The Notification concludes by requesting "the intervention of the Bishops" to prevent the dissemination of Ryden's ideas in their dioceses and "invites all the faithful not to regard Mrs Vassula Ryden's writings and speeches as ...
18 Jan 2013
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith continues to receive requests for clarification in relation to the writings and activities of Mrs Vassula Ryden. These requests address in particular the import of the Notification of 6 ...
07 Jul 2012
The CDF has made three definitive statements on Vassula Ryden. Some of the criticisms deal with doctrine. I shall put the links here, as I did in a previous post, but also quote from the documents. These cannot be ignored.
06 Jul 2012
In addition, please read these links to the CDF on Vassula Ryden. Three links of CDF documents are here, there and again. Thank you. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: private revelations ...

27 Apr 2013
Posted by Supertradmum. Two highly intelligent women hundreds of miles apart asked me in the past few days why other highly intelligent people get caught up in false seers, such as Maria Divine Mercy and Vassula Ryden.
31 Aug 2012
Repetition of this warning from the CDF. Posted by Supertradmum. 2007 Notification Regarding Vassula Ryden. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: private revelations ...