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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

An answer to a reader which is applicable to many people

... if you read this blog, you will know I am not into the cult of personalities. However, there is a real problem with some people who lack an understanding as to what one can criticize and what one cannot.

One cannot criticize ideas or thoughts unless these are really shown in action, and there is way too much imagined scenarios blowing around the Net.

The Pope cannot be criticized like a bishop or priest can, but even then we are to be charitable and never attack character or fall into false conspiracy theories.

You are wrong about saints not being saints when they criticized Popes. Catherine of Siena was a saint as a teenager. She has extraordinary gifts of discernment from God and the stigmata. There are few saints who were called to criticize popes.
St. Paul did not criticize St. Peter, he corrected him. And, the Council made in Peter's name, the right decisions about the Gentiles. Catherine and Paul are unique.

There is no one writing today in her or his category.

This pope is not evil, corrupt or a heretic. One cannot say that he has declared any heretical statements.

That many trad newspapers extrapolate on some of his sayings is downright sinful and out of order.

There is too much pride and to be honest, holier than thou attitudes from many of the lay pundits.

I only see egotists complaining, not saints.

The pope is a man with private opinions, just as St. John Paul II had and others before him. Only when the popes speak ex cathedra are they infallible. But, we do not have to examine every statement either, which is a waste of time and not helpful.

Mr. Voris needed to apologize for knee-jerk reactions to some information he received which caused lesser minds to make up stuff, to go off on tangents, and make mountains out of molehills.

This generation has lost the ability to respect the office of Christ's vicar on earth, while understanding that the vicar is a man. We have had many worst popes, by far, that this good man, who should not be compared with those who recently have gone before him.

I blame the laity for most of the chaos. One does not have to read the mainstream media which hates the Church and Christ, nor the far right press which has fallen into a huge lack of charity and frankly, writes theory not truth.
22 October 2014 22:34